February Meeting Agenda


MONTHLY AGENDA (February 2018) BEETOWN TOWN HALL February 8, 2018, 12:00 Noon


· Call to order/ Proof of Posting/Members, Residents present

· Resident’s time to voice concerns and requests

· Patrolman--Report of problems/ review weekly accomplishments.

· Presentation and approval of monthly bills.

· Treasurer’s Report

· Reading and approval of last month’s minutes

· Right-of-way issued—action needed

· Projected road repairs for 2018

· Preparing bid requests for publication

· Board of review training

· Discussion of painting the town hall

· Bridge Inspection results and recomendations

· Road trip scheduling

· Power Lines through township

· Fencing issues

· Closed Session—Employee issue

· Other Business that may legally be brought before the board

· Budget Year to Date figures—Possible need for new loan

Set the date and time for the next monthly meeting

Adjournment: Time _____________

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