Board Meeting Dec 2019


The Beetown monthly town meeting was held on Dec 6th at Noon in the Beetown Town Hall. Present were Chairman Kurt Snider, Supervisors Bart Breuer, and Mark Joyce, Treasurer Pamela Clauer, Clerk Sharon Bontreger.  And John Barr Patrolman. Members at large where: Gary Mumm

The Chairman called the meeting to order and offered proof of posting Notice at: US Post Office, Beetown Tire and Beetown Feed along with a copy at the Town Hall and on the Township Web.

FEMA Update. John contacted Wamsley excavating for a time frame on rip rapping Porter Hill and Blackjack. He is tied up with Cassville Township. He could not give a time frame on when he could get at it, but will let us know. Patrolman Report: Road sides are mowed work by Gary Stepflug has been finished by Bailey Excavating. There was an accident on Short cut road that damaged our guardrail by Minow Wagler on the house side by Adrianna Lau. It has been fixed.

Presentation of the bills was made by the clerk. A motion was made, seconded and carried to pay the monthly bills in the amount of 15,849.25. The Treasurer reported 141,596.01 in the checkbook as of the 1st of the month. After the December bills are paid there is approximately $106,000 left. Less the approximately 55,500 received for the FEMA work to be done. The chairman called for the clerk to read the minutes of the last meeting. A motion was made, seconded and carried to approve the minutes as read.  

We received a renewal request for Gardner Appraisal. A motion was made, seconded and carried to sign the 2019 contract. The Lancaster EMS contract was discussed. A motion was made, seconded and carried to sign the 2019 EMS Contract. The date for the January 2019 Caucus was discussed. A motion was made, seconded and carried to set the date for January 8th at 6:00 pm. After discussion on passing a resolution for by passing a treasurer bond, a motion was made seconded and carried to adopt Referendum # 12-6-18 to not give bond on the town treasurer as provided for by s 70.67, Wis Stats.

The Chairman incumbent, Kurt Snider and Treasurer Pamela Clauer signed form EL-163 Notification of Non-candidacy for their positions for the spring election. Sharon presented a list of current Election inspectors. A motion was made, seconded and carried to approve the following as Chief inspectors Alvin Bontreger and Kathleen Breuer. Election Inspectors Robin Bontreger, Dale Bontreger, Cheryl Blackbourn, Charlie and Judy Errthum, Betty Knapp, Evelyn Krohn, Marsha Reynolds, Mary Schrader and Betty Schwantes.

Currently Pamela Clauer, Treasurer uses her own computer for the Tax Collection program. With getting a new treasurer, the town will need to purchase a computer for them. A motion was made, seconded and carrier for Sharon to purchase the necessary computer when before the new Treasurer takes office in April 2019.

Sharon has submitted the paperwork for the September 2018 flood to the State, however we received a letter stating that the money has ran out. She has the packet for Bridge and Culvert cost sharing just about finished. The cost is approximately 26,000. If all the costs are accepted we should get ½ of that back.

Other Business discussed: Several bills have been sent to Wis Ag with no reply or payment so she sent a letter informing them that if it wasn’t paid by the end of the year the amount would be tripled to 6,000. Pam brought up that Tom Arndt of Wis Ag called her and said that the damage on Hidden Acres was not done by them and they were not going to pay the bill. She talked with the main office and they were surprised that the bill had not been paid. Pam is to call her back and explain that we have several witnesses that their company did the damages coming to 2,000 and if it isn’t paid by the December 31, 2018, the charge would be tripled as allowed by State Statues. 

Kurt discussed the issues with Iverson’s not fixing road services that were not holding up on Diamond Grove done in 2015 and Black Jack done in 2017. Kurt Contacted Clay Mellem and was assured by him that both roads would be repaired this spring. Discussion was held on a new road surface technic called Fog Seal. It is put on over a single seal instead of the double seal. It is more expensive than the double seal but may last longer. David Schwantes has mentioned that he would be willing to contribute to improve the road so it doesn’t stick to the tires and equipment. The portion of Five Points Road between State Road 35 and Slabtown is approximately .62 of a mile. The board will research the cost and possible benefits of using it. We can ask Dave if he would be willing to pay for a portion of it, as it may solve his problem and give the Township an opportunity to see how it would hold up. Companies that handle the product may be Megas from Portage or Flint Oil from Dubuque. Bart will look into it.

TDS will be extending High Speed internet to approximately 500 people in our area. There is a new product that will improve our cell service. Instead of having tall towers that cover several miles, there will be small 5G facilities that will cover feet. The cell companies will place them on township, County and State property and right-of-ways. This type of will help propel self-driving vehicles and allow for more and better video access on the go, as well as countless other applications. They can be installed almost anywhere, light poles, signs and stoplights are an example. Towns Association dues will go up $25.00 in 2019. 

Sharon has finished the paperwork and submitted to Travis Kremer for Bridge and Culvert aid from the flood of Sept 2018. The costs submitted for cost sharing is approximately $27,302.41. They will pay 50% of the eligible costs. Sharon will report what they will cover when she receives the information. 

Bart reported that there is a meeting to be held on permitting another large livestock operation with the DNR at the Lancaster fairgrounds on December 11th at 2:00. Bart and Sharon will attend the session. Ground water is a real concern in our State and County with the mushrooming of these facilities and the DNR taking no action to monitor and control the spreading of manure. It has been observed by the board and public that manure is being spread heavily and on frozen ground by various large facilities and the DNR does nothing about it. There is an organization called Crawford County Stewardship Project that is calling for Southwest Wisconsin to start testing our wells. The Projects will start action in 2019.

Blake’s Point Hog set up on Diamond Grove has spread 2 million gallons of liquid on frozen ground recently. The land Operated by Darrell Crapp and owned by investors of Eagles Point coop had been contracted to allow spreading on their crop ground and are backing out. At this point Blake’s point is contacting area farmers asking if they can spread on their crop ground. Time has passed for that to be done. It can’t be done in the winter when ground is frozen because it will just run off when it rains or thaws before ground will accept it or have it spread in the spring which will compact the soil.

The monthly meeting for next month was set for January 10th at NOON. The Meeting was adjourned at: 1:41 pm.

Sharon Bontreger – Clerk ___________________________________Approved on: January 10, 2019

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Agenda Jan 10, 2019 Board Meeting


BEETOWN TOWN HALL:  January 10, 2019 NOON


. Call to order/ Proof of Posting/Members, Residents present

. Travis Kremer – Univ Farm Road Bridge

. Little Grant approval Bridge work

. Resident’s time to voice concerns and requests

. Questions for Patrolman/Report of problems

Review of Patrolmen weekly accomplishments.

. Presentation and approval of monthly bills.

. Treasurer’s Report

.  Reading and approval of last month’s minutes

.   Unpaid Town Bills

. Permit updates

. FEMA work schedule and update

. Town Dump issues

.   Stump Grinding bids

.   Discuss Road Repairs 2019 

. Hall refund

.  Other Business that may have been brought to the attention of a board 


. Budget Year to Date figures

. Set the date and time for the next monthly meeting

. Adjournment: Time _____________

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November Meetings


The Beetown monthly town meeting was held on Nov 8th, 2018 at 6:00 pm in the Beetown Town Hall. Present were Chairman Kurt Snider, Supervisors Bart Breuer, and Mark Joyce, Treasurer Pamela Clauer, Clerk Sharon Bontreger.  And John Barr Patrolman. Members at large where: Gary Mumm, Lancaster EMS leaders Jackie Edge and Steve Braun, Travis Kremer, County Engineer.

The Chairman called the meeting to order and offered proof of posting Notice at: US Post Office, Beetown Tire and Beetown Feed along with a copy at the Town Hall and on the Township Web. 

The charge of $2408 to the township by the Lancaster EMS was discussed. Steve and Jackie explained the reason for the cost sharing for the Townships served by them. There has been no charge to townships for their services since 1944. Our Township has donated $450 each year for their services. There has been no contract. The townships served are to provide 20% of the cost of hiring a full time EMS Director position at a cost of 74,000 (which includes benefits) The actual salary would be 40 to 45,000 depending on experience and qualifications. The way they came up with the $2408 was by dividing the townships by evaluation to come up with the 20%. Our share was 16.05 percent of our evaluation of 53,217,900. Kurt stated that the Hospitals and Nursing Homes profit from the patients transported to them and should contribute to the services of the Rescue Squad. Steve replied that they have approached them but they said they are broke and EMS have no legal way of forcing a hospital to contribute for their services. The contract is for 1 year and will be renegotiated each year. We would have the opportunity to sign or not each year. It is imperative that they get funding from the townships in order to stay in business. West Grant EMS was contacted and they may be willing to take over the Lancaster’s area for a fee. Phyllis Furstenberg is to check and get back to Sharon. The boards concern is response time and availability of personnel to cover the added area. For the West Grant EMS.  Pam checked with other Townships and found that the Platteville Hospital owned and ran EMS services and does not charge the townships they serve. The board members stated that they don’t mind contributing and signing the contract for Lancaster EMS. However, feel that the nonprofit township residents are paying double. Once through taxation and once when they use the services, while the “for profit hospitals and nursing homes” reap the financial benefits of the patients delivered to their door by the EMS providers. The board will discuss the contract and let the Lancaster EMS know by December 6th. Kurt will call them after the meeting with the decision.

Travis Kremer presented the plans for the University Farm Road Bridge replacement scheduled to start as soon as frost is out of the ground in 2019. Hopefully it can start the end of February weather permitting. The bridge is slated to be 10 x 10 and the road 24ft wide. The finished product will be seal coated by the Townships choice of vendor. There will be a need for “a lot” of fill to build the road up. Clay soil is preferred. The project must be done by June 15, 2019. We have funding of approximately $125,556.25 with 60,000 being LTRIP money, and the remainder split 50% county will pay and 50% out township will pay. The contractors will be fined $800 a day if they don’t have it finished by June 15th, 2019. The county (Travis Kremer) will take care of advertising for the bids. The Town board will be responsible for awarding the bids. Two bridge contractors that may submit bids known at this time, are Steve Steiner and Larry McCabe.

Patrolman Report: John and Gary are working on ditch work and would like to rent a mini excavator. John Knapp has one and would like to inquire how much he would ask for rental. The ditches are too wet to use the towns End Loader or tractor. The water is getting under the road at Ron Taylors on Porter Bridge Road, Ragatz on Rattlesnake and Pigeon River Road. Any dirt removed will be stock piled for the needed fill on University Farm Road next year.  John asked about having Wamsley contacted to see if he can get the FEMA Rip Rap work done yet this fall, on the embankment on Porter Hill Road. The board agreed that he should contact him. The city of Lancaster came and blew out 2 plugged culverts. One on Bowen School Road and one on Porter Hill Road. They both were plugged with rocks and Clay dirt. 

A motion was made, seconded and carried to have Mike Bailey Excavating to do the jobs on Pigeon River Rd for $1,400 and Rattlesnake, with his excavator.  It should take one day each. Bailey Excavating has been hired to do the ditching on Short Cut by Minnow Wagler’s. He will be doing it on Tuesday November 13th, weather permitting. 

Kurt called for the clerks reading of the bills to be paid. A motion was made, seconded and carried to pay the bills in the amount of $88,694.90. The treasurer reported $161,911.37 in the checkbook as of Nov 3rd. Sharon reported the amount left after the current bills were paid of $88,623.15. A call for the clerk to read the minutes was made by Kurt. A motion was made, seconded and carried to approve the minutes as read.  Pam brought up for discussion purchasing another voting machine because of the long lines at the Nov 6, 2018 election. Sharon suggested we wait a year and see if the high voting activity continues. She also feels that there may be some changes and a different type of voting machine be required. A motion was made seconded and carried to sign the maintenance agreement for the current voting machine for $270.00.  Sharon received notices from Grant County Conservation and Zoning Dept in Lancaster of zoning permits for Darwin Anderson (Grant River) and David Welsh (Grant River) to do work on waterways near them. 

Sharon received a letter from Southwestern Wisconsin Regional Planning commission requesting a proposed future economic development project for 2019 – 2024 be submitted. The board voted to submit the bridge crossing Rattlesnake creek on Rattlesnake Road next to County Road U.  The request would be to move the bridge so it was not on the blind corner. It is a hazard because of the lack of visibility, and width and length of the bridge for semi traffic.  

Delinquent Town bills was discussed. There are several outstanding private work billings coming to $2,948.75. Wis Ag was sent a bill on August 16th for damaging the road on Hidden Acres in the amount of $2,000. They were bought out by United Co-op. We have not received payment or word back from them. Pam will send them a bill with the Wisconsin Statue that allows us to charge triple if they refuse to pay for the damage and we do not receive payment before December 31, 2018.

Mark spoke with Tom Cartwright about the park water and going through their yard. Mark explained that the only way we can attempt to solve the problem is for the land owner’s on top of the hill to put up a retention dam. There are 4 land owners in that corner and they would have to agree to put something up.  

The monthly meeting for next month was set for December 6th at NOON. A motion was made, seconded and carried to adjourn the meeting at 8:37 pm.

Sharon Bontreger – Clerk ________________s___________________Approved on: December 6, 2018

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2019 adopted Budget


2019 Budget


Presented October 2019








Bridge Aid County?.


Bridge Expense








Building permits


Dog License



Cemetery Income


Equipment Fund



Computer Aid


Equipment New








Dog Licenses 


Financial Admin



DOR WI Shared Rev


Fire & Rescue



DOT Aid Income


Fire Dues 2%



FEMA & State Exp aid


Gen Bldg Repair




FEMA Flood Repairs



Fire Tax 2%


Gen Adm



Grant County misc


Hwy Maint



Grant Cnty Rd Aid


Insurance all



Hall Rent


Interest Expense













Lottery Credit





Managed forest


Road Repairs



Private work


Street lights



Property sold


Park & Hall exp





Trash costs



U of W Farm


Payroll Wages



Personal Property


Payroll Taxes



Personal Property aid


Total Expenses






Auto figure Levys


Same 2018


Tot Income w/levy



Loan from Peoples


Breakdown of 2018 Loan:


End levy w/loan


Bridge Unv Farm 


Our Share


Highway Budget 2019


FEMA work 


Our Share


Local pd flood dama



Shop/Hall painting



Interest on loan



Total Township Costs






Levy Comparison




With Loan



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Meeting NOTICE



Special BOARD MEETING  on September 10th at 6:00 pm


. Budget; Levy

. 2019 Road projects 

. 2018 – 2019 FEMA Work

. Park Trees

. Loan programs

.  Other business that may have been brought to the attention of a board member.

Sharon Bontreger _________________

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Annual Meeting


Annual Meeting April 17, 2018

Supervisor Bart Breuer called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm. Present board members were, Bart Breuer, Mark Joyce, Pamela Clauer, Sharon Bontreger, John Barr,  Tom and Charlie Errthum.

A motion was made by Pam and seconded by Mark to appoint Bart Breuer as chairman of the Annual meeting since Kurt was unavailable because of his father’s passing this afternoon.

A motion to make Peoples State Bank the bank of regular deposits was made by John Barr, seconded by Charlie Errthum and carried with: Aye = __7___ Nay = ____0____

A motion to use Clare Bank as a second bank of deposit for any overflow over the FDIC insured amount was made by Mark Joyce, seconded by Tom Errthum and carried with: AYE = ___7___ Nay = __0_______

A motion to participate in the County Road Aid Program with paying $2,000 for 4,000 return was made by Pam Clauer, seconded by John Barr and carried with: Aye = ___7_______ Nay = ___0______

A motion to allow the board to borrow the maximum allowed, not to go over $200,000 as necessary for operational purposes was made by __Sharon Bontreger, seconded by __Mark Joyce_ and carried with:

Aye = ____6______ Nay = ______1________ Tom Errthum

A motion to donate to area rescue squads in the following amounts Cassville Rescue - $150.00, Lancaster Rescue = $450.00; and West Grant $1036.00; was made by _____John Barr seconded by Charlie Errthum and carried with:

Aye = _____7________  Nay = ________0___________

Discussion: Tom Errthum asked why we would need to borrow money when we have over 150,000 in the equipment fund. Sharon explained that the Equipment fund is a designated fund and cannot be used for anything other than equipment. Not roads etc. Discussion was held on the budget and why we spent more than we brought in last year. Sharon explained that we had an excess in 2016, borrowed money and because of the flood, we spent more than we budgeted.

A motion was made by Pam Clauer to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Mark Joyce. All in favor 7 aye. Meeting was adjourned at 7:11 pm. 

Respectfully submitted by Sharon Bontreger Clerk.

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