April 2018 Monthly Minutes


The Beetown monthly town meeting was held on April 5th, 2018 at Noon the Beetown Town Hall. Present were Chairman Kurt Snider, Supervisors Bart Breuer, and Mark Joyce, Treasurer Pamela Clauer, Clerk Sharon Bontreger.  And Patrolman John Barr. Members at large where: John Miller for A-! Roofing.

The Chairman called the meeting to order and offered proof of posting Notice at: US Post Office, Beetown Tire and Beetown Feed along with a copy at the Beetown Town Hall and on the Township Web.

Residents time to voice concerns and requests: Mr. Miller presented his product for sealing the leaking shop/Hall roof. The foam method will not only seal the leaks, but help with heat loss. It will pay for itself in 5 to 6 years in heat savings. It is warrantied for 18 years. If after that time it can be renewed for another term. 

Patrolman Report: The International truck had a tire go bad because of the chains. John will try to find a used one. John fount that we could rent a broom from Finney’s for $250 a day. He would like to use it to clean off the roads where seal coat is scheduled ahead of time to get a good patch job done before the work comes. A motion was made, seconded and carried to let John rent it for up to 2 days. 

The gear box has gone out of the road side mower. Bart checked with Hennesee in Dodgeville and they will take ours in for trade in for 4,000. The new one would be 9,400 less the 4,000 trade in and cost us $5,400. John was talking with Millville Township and they have a 16 foot boom brush mower for sell for around 1,000. The gear box is out of it and that would cost approximately 4,800 for a total of approximately 6,000. John would like to have it in order to keep ahead of the brush. A motion was made, seconded and carried to table the decision until May meeting.

Presentation of the bills was made by the clerk. A motion was made, seconded and carried to pay the monthly bills in the amount of $19,483.92. The Treasurer reported 114,722.66 in the checkbook as of the 1st of the month. Last month’s minutes were called read. A motion was made, seconded and carried to approve the minutes as read.

Scenic Rivers sent out a ballot for the Township. After discussion it was decided to vote on it and send in.  

A motion to approve operators licenses for Austin Crubel, Alexandria Clauer, and Shawn Hines was made, seconded and carried.

Discussion was held on the upcoming hearing for non-renewal of licenses for Nikki Grattan of Yesterdaze II, and Leonard Pluemer of the Valley Public House because of delinquent taxes. Nikki has paid everything up-to-date. Leonard Pluemer has failed to contact us. The hearing will be held on April 6th at 6:00 to hear Mr. Pluemer’s case. If he does not appear, his license will not be renewed. Diane Van Bergen has shown interest in taking the license out in her name. She has been told that the lease for the building and the personal property must be in her name in order to be approved for the license. She has not provided the information to the Clerk. They have until 13th to provide the Board with documentation needed.  A motion was made, seconded and carried to revise Ordinance 09-07-2017 to take effect immediately.

Pam reported that she asked for bids from Tri Core, Tom Schaefer, Rural Mutual Insurance. She has not received a quote from any of them

Bart met with Kremer on Diamond Grove Road to look at the project and discuss the LTRIP money awarded us for the Diamond Grove Road. He gave Bart an itemized print out for what the road would cost. It would have to be a new advertisement for bids. We had 35,000 in awarded funds from last year. We don’t know who or when the grant was applied for or awarded. We were awarded 25,000 for 2018 with a total of 60,000. We will have to spend 120,000 to get the 60,000 LTRIP money. Bart will meet with the Pipe Stone representative Cameron Schmitt and what they will contribute. A motion was made, seconded and carried to table and further decisions until we get a response from Blakes’ point Cameron Schmidt.

A motion was made, seconded and carried to grant the cemetery contract to Eugene Line.

Discussion on the bids for the sealing of the shop/hall roof and painting of the sides. Luke Droessler bid $11,050 for painting both the roof and sides, no sealing of the screws, seams or warranty was provided. Geisler brothers bid 63,870 for both with steam seal and a 10 yr warranty. A1 Conklin – John Miller bid 46,912.00 to seal roof with foam with an 18 year warranty and paint the walls sealing the awning to stop leaks. A motion was made, seconded and carried to award the bid to A1 Conklin – John Miller. Sharon will email them and get the contract ready for signature.

The Road tour was discussed. The following roads need to be done; Atkinson, Bowen School Rd, Hudson, Irish Hollow, Lovers Lane, Muscallounge, Porter Hill, Porter Bridge, & Short Cut, Sugar Cane for a total of 10.26 miles (without Diamond Grove) .  Culverts to be replaced on Irish Hollow, Lovers Lane, Muscallounge, and Porter Hill.

The seal coating is pealing up on Black Jack done late last fall. Iverson said they will take care of it. 

A motion was made, seconded and carried to pay the membership for another year for the Towns Association. A motion was made, seconded and carried for purchasing Training Alcohol Beverage Regulations and Licensing.

Discussion was held on the suggested Epoxy of the Pigeon River Rd Bridge. The estimate was quoted as 21,594.00. The decision was made to seal coat it instead. 

The monthly meeting for next month was set for May 10th at 6:00 PM. The Meeting was adjourned at 2:32 pm.

Sharon Bontreger – Clerk -S-

Annual Meeting


Annual Meeting April 17, 2018

Supervisor Bart Breuer called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm. Present board members were, Bart Breuer, Mark Joyce, Pamela Clauer, Sharon Bontreger, John Barr,  Tom and Charlie Errthum.

A motion was made by Pam and seconded by Mark to appoint Bart Breuer as chairman of the Annual meeting since Kurt was unavailable because of his father’s passing this afternoon.

A motion to make Peoples State Bank the bank of regular deposits was made by John Barr, seconded by Charlie Errthum and carried with: Aye = __7___ Nay = ____0____

A motion to use Clare Bank as a second bank of deposit for any overflow over the FDIC insured amount was made by Mark Joyce, seconded by Tom Errthum and carried with: AYE = ___7___ Nay = __0_______

A motion to participate in the County Road Aid Program with paying $2,000 for 4,000 return was made by Pam Clauer, seconded by John Barr and carried with: Aye = ___7_______ Nay = ___0______

A motion to allow the board to borrow the maximum allowed, not to go over $200,000 as necessary for operational purposes was made by __Sharon Bontreger, seconded by __Mark Joyce_ and carried with:

Aye = ____6______ Nay = ______1________ Tom Errthum

A motion to donate to area rescue squads in the following amounts Cassville Rescue - $150.00, Lancaster Rescue = $450.00; and West Grant $1036.00; was made by _____John Barr seconded by Charlie Errthum and carried with:

Aye = _____7________  Nay = ________0___________

Discussion: Tom Errthum asked why we would need to borrow money when we have over 150,000 in the equipment fund. Sharon explained that the Equipment fund is a designated fund and cannot be used for anything other than equipment. Not roads etc. Discussion was held on the budget and why we spent more than we brought in last year. Sharon explained that we had an excess in 2016, borrowed money and because of the flood, we spent more than we budgeted.

A motion was made by Pam Clauer to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Mark Joyce. All in favor 7 aye. Meeting was adjourned at 7:11 pm. 

Respectfully submitted by Sharon Bontreger Clerk.

Annual Clerk Report Page 1

                          Income 2017 Actuals      Expense 2017    August   Settlement 89,838.02     Cemetery Expense 5,370   Building   permits 10.00     Financial & Accounting 13,492   Cemetery   Income 393.50     Fire Dues 2% 1,823   Computer   Aid 5.00     Fire & Rescue 22,157   DOA Municipal Serv UWF 311.89     Forestry expensed 174   Dog   License  363.00      General Administrative 13,803   DOR   &shared Revenue 66,205.16     General Building 0   DOT   income 129,301.44     Total HWY Maintenance 111,352   Fire   2% Fire Dues 1,823.45     Insurance Other 10,238   Grant   Co Hwy Aid 4,000.00     Insurance State Expense 4,023   Hall Rent  1,360.00     Interest Expense 360   Interest  1,384.77     Legislation 11,761   Licenses  577.50     Loan 2016 pd offf 50,000   Loan   taken out 2017 20,000.00     Park & town hall exp 1,244   Lottery   Credit 6,052.95      Recycling 7,925   MFL   Finan assistance 868.66     Road Repairs 180,927   Misc   Income 2,207.74     Street Lights 2,178   Private   Work 14,192.84     Tax overpay refund 290   Recycling   Income 518.22     Trash costs 5,352   Taxes   overpaymnt 427.55     Total Expense 442,470   Total   Income 339,841.69         2018   Adopted Budget           INCOME"     Expenses        Building   permits 10  Cemetery 3,500      Cemetery   Income 193  Dog License 450      Computer   Aid 5  Equipment Fund 20,000      Grant   Cnty Rd Aid 4,000  Equipment New 0  2017    Delinquent   Taxes 0  Fencing 0  Payroll breakdown    Dividens/Interest/Refunds 350  Financial Admin 8,000  Chairman 4,000   Dog   Licenses & Refund 700  Fire & Rescue 22,000  Supervisor1 2,200   DOT   Aid Income 129,301  Fire Dues 2% 1,791  Supervisor2 2,200   Fire   Tax 2% 1,791  Forestry Expensed 174  Clerk 8,500   Grant   County misc 0  Gen Bldg Repair 500  Treasurer 4,000   Hall Rent  1,000  Gen Adm 19,000  Patrolman Full time 37,620   Interest  800  Hwy Maint 46,000  Patrolman Part time 8,766   Licenses  525  Insurance Liability 11,000  Hall Custodian 646   Lottery   credit 3,500  Insu Bldg euip 5,500  Recy/Trash Custodian 1,938   FEMA  0  Interest Expense 0  Employer paid Taxes 5,509   Managed   forest 150  Legislative 9,500  Total Payroll 75,378   Personal   property 4,000  Park & Hall exp 1,872      Private   work 1,000  Payroll Wages 53,000      Property   sold 100  Payroll Taxes 5,000      Recycling  450  Recycling 7,975      U   of W Farm 0  Road Repairs 179,045       DOR WI Shared Rev 66,210  Street lights 2,700      TOTAL   all INCOME 214,085  Trash costs 5,800      Levy 2017  188,722  Total Budget exp  402,807        402,807          188,722 (+)20000 208,722  Final 2018 Levy       

Annual Clerks Report page 2

         2017   Clerks Report As of 1/1/17  Tax Roll Information 2017    Account   Beg Balances 1/1/2017  Wis State Tax Levied 2016   Collected 2017   Beetown Celebration 3,270.14  Grant County 197,535.00   Cemetery Funds 16,190.16  Beetown Township 212,202.00   Contengancy Fund 20,018.48      Equipment Funds 155,309.31  Cassville Schools 100,346.00   Checking Account 191,563.26  Lancaster Schools 324,265.15   1/1/2017 Avail Cash 386,351.35  River Ridge Schools 109,560.50        VTAE Fennimore 58,483.23        General Taxes Levied 1,002,391.88                   Account   Ending Balances 12/31/2017 Less School Levy Credits -98,648.54   Beetown Celebration 3,273.40  Managed Forest Lands 880.64   Cemetery Funds 16,190.74  Delinquent Town bills 0.00   Equipment Funds 176,468.92  Total collected 2017 904,623.98   Contengancy Fund 20,038.45  Total Assessed Value  46,686,400.00   Checkbook bal 12/31/ 149,839.36      12/31/17 Cash Avail 365,810.87           2017 State of Wisconsin   Estimated:   Beetown Loan 2017 20,000.00  Population 791   Tax Levy 2016 159,803.00  Estimated Voters 580   Tax Levy 2017 212,202.00      Tax Levy 2018 208,722.00  The   Board has adopted a policy to repair      approximately   10 miles a year of our 58.72      for   a six year rotation when possible.