Insurance Bids

The Town of Beetown is taking bids on Insurance to cover, Buildings, Equipment, vehicles, Liability, Bonds, and Workman's Comp. for the period from June 1 2018 to May 30, 2019

Sharon Bontreger - Clerk

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Shop and Hall Painting

The Town of Beetown is looking for bids for sealing and paint the roof of the shop and Hall and a separate bid for painting the sides, awning and trim.

The building is  approximately 100 ft long x 60 feet wide by 16 ft high.  Please provide a description of what you will do and the Warranty of your work.  

Thank you.  Town of Beetown Board.

Sharon Bontreger - clerk 

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The town of Beetown is accepting bids for Chip Sealing; Asphalt, Wedging

Bridge Sealant( Epoxy coat); Rip Rap; Breaker Rock;, Gravel. For 2018

Gravel: Per yard delivered & per yard pick-up

Rip Rap/Breaker Rock: per yard

Cold mix for patching: per yard

Bridge Sealant: per square yard

Asphalt/chip sealing: per mile for approximately 10 miles; 22ft width

Salt Rock for winter mix:  delivered with 5 to 8% Salt per ton

 All bids must have a Proof of Liability Insurance enclosed

Bids should be sent to the following Address:

Kurt Snider - Chairman

Road Bids

7868 Five Points Rd 

Lancaster, WI 53813

Bids are due by 5:00PM, March 7th. The sealed bids will be opened

At the town meeting at 12:15 Noon, March 8, 2018. The Board reserves the right

To accept or reject any and all bids.

Sharon Bontreger, Clerk

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Bids for Painting Town Hall & Roof

The Town of Beetown is taking bids on the sealing and paint of the roof and painting the sides and awning of the Town Hall.

100 ft long by 60ft Wide and 16 ft high

The Awning over the sidewalk is 8 ft wide.  Please send bids that will include techniques to seal, total cost for each and warranty to Beetown Township 9719 State Road 81, Cassville, WI 53806  Contact Kurt Snider 608-732-6619

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